Looking back on 2016...

So, everyone is talking about their 2016... the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.

Every year I have been on this Earth with the ability to truly think for myself, I have had ugly parts of the year.  If I took enough time, I could regale on my past and the bad memories.  However... as I sit here on my big red comfy couch (bonus points for understanding the reference!), listening to MercyMe, I am taken back to January of this year, just after the new year.  It started out rocky.  In fact, every month had a "rocky" point.  However, instead of focusing on the bad, what about all of the good?  

Overall for me, 2016 was a rocking year.  

  • My business celebrated its first official year in business!  Hooray!
  • My son turned 4, and continues to surprise the hubby and I daily with his knowledge and skills.
  • The Cubs won the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!
  • We insulated our attic and actually don't have to be freezing in our house anymore! (Thanks to the in-laws!)
  • I finally found my "place" in our church... giving back to God through the gift of photography which He blessed me with
  • Our pets all celebrated another year!  Martini turned 8, Oliver turned 6 and Wrigley turned 1!
  • I turned 30!  And it wasn't awful!  :)
  • My husband and I celebrated 12 years together (dating)!

There's so much more, I'm sure.  But those are the highlights.  Looking to 2017... it's going to be pretty amazing too.

I challenge all of you to find one good thing about 2016 and comment below.  Share with me!  And also, what is something you're looking forward to in 2017?  

Have a safe, blessed and Happy New Year!


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