Hi, I'm Amber!

I'm a central Illinois born & raised photographer with a passion to tell stories, whether it be through a 35mm lens or on pen and paper.  

Most of the time when I'm not working my other full-time job, I can be found roaming the aisles of Target with my kiddo in tow shopping for nothing and everything at the same time.  If I'm not at Target, I'm just as happy in my yoga pants, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying my umpteenth binge watch of Friends, Gilmore Girls, Parks & Recreation, or The Office.  I married my college sweetheart more than 11 years ago, and we have a rambunctious (almost) six year old who captures our hearts every day.  If I could be a crazy cat lady, I would adopt all the cats I could get my hands on -- I just love them!  On Sundays, I can be found at church volunteering my time documenting the congregation with my camera or singing and dancing in the aisles during worship!  If I don't have anything going on after church, you'll find me cozied up in under my covers taking a nap.  I tell everyone my favorite letter is "C", because I love the Chicago Cubs, I shoot a Canon camera, my husband's name is Craig and, as you'll learn, I LOVE me some Coffee!  I am also a newfound makeup enthusiast, so you can likely find me playing with all the eye shadow palettes and anything else I can get my hands on!

Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.
— Henri Cartier-Bresson

My style of photography?  Real.  Raw.  Moments focused.  Unposed.  Photojournalistic.  Documentary.  I am a visual storyteller who has a background in writing, and I use both skills to still-frame moments, rather than forcing it to exist.  My goal is to keep the process simple for you, your family, your wedding party... did I mention you?  I have a pretty loud personality, and I love to make people laugh, so expect to see that on the day of your session or wedding!  I love what I do and being able to share it with anyone who will give me the time... it's such a blessing.

I want your images to reflect YOU.  Your memories.  Your life.  Your reality.  I want your story to write itself -- to be an auto-biography in frame.  So, let's do this thing!

Whaddya say... coffee on me?  Let's connect today!

Hey, that's me!
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