I am SO EXCITED to introduce you to my team! We may be small, but we are mighty, fun and so excited to work with you!!


Craig - Primary Second Photographer & Assistant

If you are one of my ANP couples, you will definitely be meeting this guy. This is Craig - aka my husband! When my couples choose to have a second photographer to help capture their big day, Craig hangs with the guys while I take care of the ladies. If not there to photograph, he comes as my assistant. What’s that mean? He carries my bags, straightens out the veil, fluffs the dress, pins the boutonnieres. This guy goes above and beyond to make sure every detail is perfect, every part of the wedding is running smoothly and that we get every single shot we need to - even if it means climbing on top of a structure to get it! (Ask me about that one sometime!) He is quiet at first, but once he gets going he is just as goofy as I am - and sometimes more so! I’m not going to get too sappy about the whole husband part here (if you wanna see that, here’s the blog post for you!), but I will say that Craig is a huge part of my brand. His favorite part of the wedding day is getting to be apart of someone else’s special day. Each wedding we work is completely different from the one before, and being chosen to capture someone’s most memorable day is a huge honor. Craig’s advice to newly engaged couples on wedding planning? Surround yourself with people you trust because they are going to be the ones who are going to take away all the stress of the day. And I couldn’t agree more!!