Hello, 2017!

Well, I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I did NOT make it to the "ball drop" for the central time zone... I was asleep by 11:25pm, if not before, and I am not sorry.  It's so funny how things in my life have changed so drastically, just in the last 4 years since my son was born.  Not that I have always been a huge go-out-and-celebrate-the-New-Year person, but... I would at least stay away to celebrate!  But, reality set in: my husband had an early and long day, as he was volunteering in the media booth for all 3 church services this morning, and I was photographing the first service, then whisking my son home to my in-laws who were going to watch him while I went to host a baby shower for my best friend!  It's been a whirlwind day!

Every year, people make resolutions, or designate areas in their life they want to make priority and better themselves.  I have those for not only myself, but for the business!

For Amber Nicole Photography, 2016 was amazing.  I never anticipated my business would be where it is now, and it's all because of YOU.  So I can keep growing and provide the best possible memories for my clients, present and future, I made the decision to up my prices for 2017.  I know for some this is hard to hear, and it's not by any means something I wanted to do, but it was definitely a NEED.  Every session received a price increase based on different CODB (Costs of Doing Business), which can vary slightly.  It was a really tough decision to make, and I hope that my clients understand why it was necessary.

Also for 2017, I will be backing off on working Sundays.  This is so I can designate a day for my family and to focus on my relationship with God on a weekly basis.  I needed a day to center myself and ensure I was ready for the next week.  I will be taking more sessions during the week as a result of this, which during these winter months means sessions in studio or on location, as it is dark outside still.  :) 

I am also working on starting a new booking system to make the process easier for my clients and for me!  I am really excited to get it up and working, and I hope it works the way I am thinking it will!  

Lastly, my clients will start to have contracts emailed to them upon session booking.  It was another business decision, in order to protect myself and my clients and to make sure we are always on the same page.  I always have my bridal clients sign them, so it only made sense to bring it down into the regular sessions!  At this time, I will not be requiring signed contracts for mini sessions; however, it is not completely off the table for the future!

I hope you all have an amazing 2017, and I look forward to working with you all this year!!


Amber Pond