So, you have a moment coming up.

You’re getting married. A ring finally got put on it. It’s time for annual family photos. You just had a baby.

ALL of these things are incredibly important and need to be documented - Enter Amber. :)

So, how ‘bout the d-e-e-t-s?

Ok, ok. I know, you want the tea. :) Check it below!



So, you’re getting married. You want the day to be fun, comfortable and relaxed while knowing you’re getting the entire day documented. Enter Amber. I love weddings - the good, the messy, the crazy - and I will document every minute. The average investment for one of my couples is $2600. Let’s do this!

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I know, I know. Dad isn’t excited about family pictures. Your toddler didn’t want to take a nap (which is why you booked an afternoon session in the first place), and you can’t find your favorite necklace. IT’S OK. My family sessions are natural, in the moment, laugh your butt off fantastic. Don’t stress - let’s just embrace the chaos! This would also be for those who are engaged but aren’t quite ready to book the date yet!

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You just brought home a sweet, precious bundle. You want pictures done, but you’d much rather stay home in your comfy clothes. I specialize in in-home newborn sessions. This takes the stress away from parents making sure they packed everything, as well as keeps everyone comfortable. Not to mention - who doesn’t love being home?! Trust me on this - this is the newborn session you’ve been looking for. This would also be the perfect package for seniors.


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