Ashley & Montario | Decatur, IL Engagements

I have been so incredibly blessed to not only cross paths with amazing couples... but my couples always have a unique ability to show their affection in a way that my camera just loves.  Even better?  The fact I get to share their love story for their wedding day.  Ashley & Montario are NO exception.

I met up with Ashley & Montario at the James Millikin Homestead in Decatur, IL.  It was one of our more fall days that we have had recently, which was amazing.  They both looked amazing!  I even told Montario he better take her out to dinner and keep his eyes on her because she looked gorgeous!  Of course, he agreed.  When we were getting started with their session, Ashley informed me they haven't had professional pictures taken so they were a little nervous.  I hear that a lot, so I simply said, "that's ok!  We'll get warmed up."  TRUST ME when I say, they did not need any time to warm up.

We walked around the homestead, chatting about their wedding plans to date.  I asked them to tell me how they first met.  It's usually when I do this during a session that I get to see that little spark show up with couples, and I can't explain it in words... but in photographs, the result is unmatchable.

I am so excited to photography their wedding next September, and evenly excited to show you guys some of my favorites from their session!

Amber Pond