THE STRATES | Decatur IL Families

Another fall family that stepped in front of my lens back in November, and I am so excited to finally share a few of my favorites!  

Being that I knew these beautiful pictures would be on Christmas cards and possibly even gifts, I held off sharing... but now... LOOK at them!  Liz did such a fantastic job in choosing the outfits for her husband and son for family pictures.  We met up at Rock Springs Conservation Center in Decatur, IL on a super chilly November afternoon just before Thanksgiving.  Despite the temperatures, it was truly a perfect day!  We started off in the Pine Tree Forest (which if you've never been there, it's gorgeous - go see it!) and walked around a little bit near the Conservation building where we got some great backdrops shots of one of the ponds located on the property.

Now, the part you're all waiting for... some of my favorites!!!  :)

Amber Pond