One of my favorite things about weddings is of course the love stories, the family time, and just watching everything unfold in front of me on one special day. On a smaller side, I love getting to venture out to new venues to celebrate the occasion!

For Caitlin and Kyle’s big day, we headed off to The Farm in Petersburg, IL. The location is so unique and fun. The Farm is a wonderful touristy location which features a small little shop and beautiful gardens (which you’ll see in the pictures below) that can be walked through. They also have a loft which can be rented out, and that is where I met up with Caitlin! After spending time with her and the girls getting ready, we got photos going, enjoyed the SUPER fun ceremony with the coolest little send off and then it was off to the party, where everyone involved was having the absolute best time ever.

It was such an honor to be chosen as the “documenter of memories” (haha) for Caiti & Kyle, and I am so pumped to share some of my favorite images from the day! Let’s get to it!

Amber Pond