Oh, hey Tuesday! | Being Real AF about Family Photography

Oh, hey Tuesday! How’s it hanging? Ready to take a dive into some real talk? Cool, me too!

No, the title was NOT clickbait. While I don’t have YEARS of experience with family photography, I have enough to dole out one, its bitsy, tiny piece of advice:

PARENTS, It’s totally okay to CHILL OUT and LOWER your expectations!

Whew, okay. Now that I have that out of the way, let me explain further because now I guarantee at least one or two people reading this think I’m a jerk and are on the defense, wondering if I’m talking about them. I’m about to spill some really, super hot tea for you…

Yes, I’m talking to you. But I’m talking to myself, too.

So, there you have it. Even as someone who photographs a bunch of families every year, I still manage to get myself completely worked up during my family photo session because it never goes how I envisioned. But, here’s the key for me: it always ends up being BETTER. How? Because they are REAL. They aren’t always posed, staged, filled with props, etc. They are just myself, my husband and my son. And we are crazy and messy anyway, so why should our pictures reflect anything but that? Now that’s not to say that we don’t get amazing photos that are more posed and perfection. But there’s more fun in between. Here are examples from my 2018 session:

Awww….. /photos by Jacoby Andrick Photography

Awww….. /photos by Jacoby Andrick Photography



Ah, there it is.

Ah, there it is.

And I love every single one of those images. This is just our real life. My kiddo is rambunctious and nutty, energetic and, well, ALL boy.

More often than not, I get parents apologizing to my for their kids and lack of cooperation, or thanking me for not getting flustered during their session. I want to let it be known that I go into every single family session knowing it’s going to have challenges. Kids don’t want to be still, don’t want to listen to anyone, and typically want to go explore wherever we are at. My little stinkers? I give them an opportunity to run my sessions. I follow them around, peak their interest in different things and just capture the curiosity. I can always feel the parent’s stress when I do this, but so far *knock on wood everything* I haven’t had any family remotely unhappy with their delivered galleries. They love the mix, the realness, and the genuine smiles on the pictures. And even better? They laugh, because I always try to include some outtakes.

To end this month’s post, I went through the last couple years to find those images from delivered sessions that I can remember parents trying to get kiddos to stop, or it was a moment that maybe just didn’t go as planned… and every single one is a favorite of mine.


AMAZING, right????? All perfect, unposed, unplanned, and perfect. Trust me, everyone - your session will be great, with some of these sprinkled in. ;)

Smiles and high fives,

Amber Pond