Oh, hey Tuesday! | 12 years


Oh, hey Tuesday! How we feelin’ today?? Oh, me? As always, I’m feeling nostalgic and sappy.

You see, June is a major deal in my life, because on the 23rd of June way back in 2007 (all you young people shhhhh), I married the love of my life. Yep, the guy you’ll see in the pictures. And yep, the guy I bring with me to all of my weddings who also carries a camera. Oh - his name is Craig. ;)

I think I’ve pretty consistently written blogs in honor of our anniversary, but it’s been a couple years since I did photos to go with the blog - unless I used our family pictures last year. Bad memory, and I didn’t even think to check beforehand. OOPS. Meh, life. Either way- I reached out to my good friend and fellow photog Sara Easter of Bad Love Creative Co. and we made an evening of it down by Lake Decatur.


During the session I was fondly reminded of all the times when we would cuddle on the couch and watch a movie, holding hands while shopping, sneaking kisses while with friends, finding excuses to leave social obligations to meet up because we just missed each other. I vividly remembered moving in to our first apartment together in college, with the ugly kitchen, tile floors and cheap thin carpet. But it was all ours. A year later, we moved out into our new place, and Craig held me close while I cried because we were leaving our first apartment - the place where we fell even more in love, had some killer parties, found out about each others really goofy quirks. I remembered when we went grocery shopping for the first time and we each had $40 to get food and we counted to the penny when heading to the checkout. Fast forward to wedding day, when I got tearful when I saw my dad and was about ready to walk down the aisle and the sound system at the church malfunctioned and caused an uproar of laughter and broke all the tension. I remember walking down that aisle, seeing the smiling faces of our families and friends - and that handsome guy at the end of the aisle, hands gently crossed in front of him as he smiled from ear to ear, which of course brought the biggest smile to mine which seemed incredibly permanent to my face for the remainder of the day. He’s always been that guy - the guy that could make me smile. ESPECIALLY when I didn’t want to smile. I guess that’s what love does to a person, right?


We hear often how perfect we are for each other, how much people admire us and the relationship and family we have built. We are so honored to be “that couple” for some people, and I hope it is followed by the knowledge that we are never and have never been perfect, but we have always tried to be real. We fight, we argue. We disagree. We don’t parent the same. We have lied to each other and hid secrets which inevitably came to light. We have made decisions knowingly that the other doesn’t agree with, and we deal with those consequences. We have been broke. We have made BAD decisions in all aspects. However with all of that in mind, we have always loved one another, respected one another, forgiven one another. We have built each other up, extended a hand when needed and cried on each other’s shoulders. We have embraced our differences and found ways to use them cohesively so they work for us and our little family. We have made our lives imperfectly perfect for us - and that is ALL that matters.

Craigory, I love you more than I can put into words, which is saying a lot since I just wrote yet another blog about our sappy love. And I know you’re not a sappy person, but maybe one day I’ll get ya. ;)


Thanks for reading, y’all. I hope you find yourselves in a relationship like ours - one that’s real, imperfect, messy… but full of love, compassion, encouragement, and smiles.

Until next time,

Amber Pond