Oh, hey Tuesday! | New Year, New Goals

Yeah, I know, it’s February. But isn’t January supposed to be like a pre-New Years goal month?! No, well… crap. :)


No, but seriously. I realized in my January “Oh, hey Tuesday!” blog that I didn’t really talk about my goals for the year. So, I thought why not go for it now! I’m not usually one to set goals and follow through with them.

I know, you probably gasped and questioned how that could be true. I do it every year.

But, it is totally true. I am a dreamer. I come up with really big ideas and things I want to accomplish in all aspects of my life - but my follow through (at least in my personal life) is really lackluster. For example - I want to lose weight. Ah, now you’re back with me, right?? I started last year back on Weight Watchers and did really great… for about 6 weeks. Then I faltered. And fell off the wagon. And let’s just say I think somewhere along the way my family left me because I died of dysentary. Oh, this isn’t Oregon Trail?

For this year I had some parameters based on my past as to how I wanted to set goals.

1) They needed to be realistic and attainable.
2) They needed to be realistic and attainable FOR AMBER.

Seems pretty simple, right? Well, we will see. I really sat and thought about the things that I wanted to focus on this year. And all of my goals this year relate to my personal life (and maybe a little to the business - we have to keep growing you know!) But after really honing in on what was important to me and finding the why it was important to me, this is what I came up with:

Read 12 books.

Simple as that. I really do enjoy reading. I say to reiterate that I like to read biographies, feel-good real life, real people stories. I am not much for the fictional. Well, maybe sometimes. But the author has to really grab me at the beginning to keep me inthralled so I can stay the course to the finish of the book. I have nine books currently that I am working on, three of which as of the day I am writing this blog I have finished. I’m actually really surprised with myself! If you want to know what I’m reading just ask!

Drink more water.

Honestly, this one was kind of an “atta boy” for me, because I am not that bad at drinking water. But I wanted to be able to visually SEE that I am drinking enough water. So, my husband… erm, Santa… got me a Hidrate Spark 2.0 water bottle for Christmas. It has a really cool app for your phone that you can track your intake of water AND the bottle itself well automatically send the data to your phone and track your water intake. It will also send you notifications if you’re off track a bit. It’s actually really cool and I love it! And, if you are competitively natured, there is a friends aspect to it where you can connect with friends and see who is “winning” for water intake for the day. Currently I am connected up with my husband, one of my best friends and a friend from church!

Get back to God.

I have always struggled with my faith. Not that I haven’t believed in God at any point during my 32 years of life, but more to say that I struggle to really make Him the forefront of my life. I don’t pray like I should and I definitely don’t read the Bible like I need to. In fact, I have never read the Bible in full before. So, I have it in my goals to not only start reading the Bible using a guide I found on Pinterest, but also to do a weekly devotional. I bought one on Amazon, and I will have it at work with me! I also have Daily Bread devotionals that my grandma brings me from her church every few months and I am going to work on reading those more frequently also. So far, I haven’t dived in like I need, but trust me… I’m working on it.

Find my center.

This one is going to be my kryptonite. I am a very anxious and tense person. That may shock some of you, and others may be like good gravy she’s FINALLY coming to terms with it! But I’m just being honest. It doesn’t take much to get me worked up and anxious about, well, anything… and while I may not fly off the handle (angry) a lot, when it happens it’s not pretty because I bury everything deep deep down until there’s no more room and then I explode. I am hoping to work on that and make it more manageable for me so that my health can be better. I take medication for anxiety as it is and have for about 2-3 years. A little more than a year ago I added in therapeutic massages once a month to not only help with my lymphatic system but also to help with my mental and emotional stability (shout out to Aly @ the Decatur Wellness Collective!). Lastly, I am really hoping to incorporate yoga and meditation into my daily routine.

All of these things take time. And none of them have a deadline, which is the most important part to me. It is my hope that I achieve all of these, or at least get on track to accomplish them, in 2019.

What are your goals for the year?? Let me know!

Much love,


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Amber Pond