Oh - hey Tuesday! | What's next?


Ah, we meet again! It’s been forever!

One of the things I really want to work on for 2019 is getting back to blogging. I know, I’m pretty sure if you follow me on the regular, you saw that last year on SOMETHING - be it Facebook, Instagram, or my blog - that I was going to get better at blogging. I did somewhat keep to that promise in the form of being sure to keep content up to show off my amazing sessions from the year. In fact- I posted a total of 28 blogs from last year. That is pretty awesome if I do say so myself! *pats self on the back*

Ok, let’s back up here, Pond. No need to get all full of yourself. You still have work to do!

SO. My first new blog content for the year 2019 will be…. “Oh, hey Tuesday!” This will be a personal blog, about any given topic I decide seems fitting. If I were to guess, it will end up being a recap of the month before. But… I tend to surprise, so hold on to your bloomers!… Wait. Bloomers? Did I just time travel back in time? What the… ok, moving on.


I’m really excited to see what “Oh, hey Tuesday!” develops into. Right now it’s a very small nugget of an idea that I hope blasts off into something really cool. My hope is that it allows for YOU, my audience, to learn a little more about me aside from the fact that I am a wedding photographer who dabbles in families and seniors, and that I love coffee. :). My motto for the year is “Be A Good Human”… so I would anticipate that will interject its way into the posts!

And with that… be prepared, friends! You never know what I’m up to!

See you soon!


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Amber Pond