If all senior sessions could be as fun and perfect as Jacob’s, I would BLESSED!!!!

If you’ve followed me around for any length of time, you have probably realized I don’t typically do senior sessions. Not because I don’t like them - but because lets be honest, my style does not necessary scream senior portraits! However, when Jenni asked me to do pictures for her oldest son after seeing my portfolio, I knew it was going to be a perfect match (not to mention she is SUPER FUN herself!!!)

To start, we met up at Rock Springs Conservation Center in Decatur, IL and wandered off to the Pine Tree Forest, which is a super popular location for pictures. The lighting was perfect for when we were there and we got some really amazing shots. It was a game for me to get Jacob to laugh - but honestly when I do sessions for the guys, they just want to get it done fast so it’s always a game for me! :) We ended up over near a section of tall grass to get a little more outdoors before we left for the second spot, which was on the grounds of one of the elementary schools in town!

The second location was my cup of tea. Brick, stairs, archways, unique structures. Not to mention it was overall a new location for me! So, we grabbed a few shots on the grounds and again had some major laughs (something about a pinwheel… :D). Lastly, we made a quick stop at the Decatur Soccer Complex to one of the fields to get some of Jacob in his element: soccer!! I got some really awesome action shots here, and it was really apparent that Jacob was loving this last stop!

I’m so excited to show you some of my absolute favorites… so let’s dive in!

Amber Pond