When Natalie said she wanted to do her & Ryan's engagement session in downtown Decatur, I was so stoked to bring to life a few new ideas that I had... and they did NOT disappoint!


Natalie & Ryan are another couple that I actually hadn't met until their engagement session.  I have, however, met Natalie's mom!  She contacted me several months back and wanted to meet to talk over details.  We met at Panera Bread (yum!) and the rest is history!  Since Natalie currently lives over in Indiana, her mom has been doing a lot of the planning over here with the help of her sister and Ryan.  :)  How amazing to have that kind of support!

We hit up several locations in our short time frame, starting at the outside of the Masonic Temple in Decatur.  I am OBSESSED with their stairs and the oxidized copper door frames.  Once we left there, we headed down to Central Park where we got a few shots with the fountain & the Transfer House, and we ended in an old abandoned warehouse area near downtown still.  We had a ton of fun, a lot of laughs... OH and of course amidst all of this I got to cuddle with their four month old puppy, Finley!

Okay, I can't talk anymore.  I just have to show you guys some of my favorites.  :)

Amber Pond