Oh me, oh my!  It's been a while!  So let's kick it off with Kassi & Derek - one of my amazing ANP couples for this year!!

Kassi reached out to me via social media - she was so incredibly sweet!  I knew from the first few times we talked we would hit it off beautifully, and boy was I right!  After booking, Derek & Kassi trusted me to choose not only their location but a brand new location to me that I wanted to shoot at!  Funny enough, this happened to be a place they used to spend a lot of time at when they were growing up!  The location, you ask?  Sportsman Park in Decatur, IL.  It's a quiet little park, but there is so much there - it's almost like a hidden gem!

When we were walking around, I learned that they have known each other since they were very young -- and the stories they told me were so sweet!  In fact, in some of the photographs, I gave them each an opportunity to "tell" on the other... and there were SO MANY laughs!

Needless to say, it was more the apparent that these two were not only meant to be together, but that I would be getting my ab workout at their wedding simply from laughter!  They are a hoot!

Take a peek at some of their engagement photos!  I love them!

Amber Pond