I don’t get the opportunity to shoot senior sessions very often because there are SO MANY talented senior photographers in my area (you know who you are!), but when I get to hang out with seniors it’s super exciting! Especially seniors like Grace!

This girl was a total trooper. Why? Because the day of her senior session was completely crazy, and we knew going into it that we had to just get through it because there wasn’t any chance to reschedule. Let me explain. Back in October, we had two Sundays here in central Illinois that were windy. No, not windy. Like, have you seen the movie Twister? You know that part at the end where if it weren’t for that bar in the ground and the strap, Bill would’ve gotten sucked up into the tornado?? Yep, it was borderline THAT windy.

But, we made it happen.

We started at an “undisclosed location” (because us photogs all have our secret locations, right?) and got some AMAZING shots with some colored smoke (you’ll see!). Then, we jetted off to Rock Springs where we tried to hang out in the pine tree forest and found that it was nearly impossible with all of the branches falling everywhere! So, we moved quickly and then wrapped up in the downtown Decatur area. I had so much fun - Grace is such a unique soul who I really connected with. The coolest thing I learned about her was that she does Cosplay, which if you have never heard of it - go check it out!! She chose to dress up for her last set of pictures as Harley Quinn, and we got some FANTASTIC shots!!

Needless to say, it was an honor to be such a huge part of her memories, and I can’t wait for you all to see some of my favorites!

Amber Pond