THE HAAKES | Decatur IL Families

I absolutely love it when fellow photographers reach out to me to photograph their family.  I think we, in our field, often spend too much time behind the camera and need to be better about stepping in front with our own families!  Lindsay did just that!  :)

Last year, I met Lindsay when I did my only snow session for the year with her two littles, and we had a blast!  This year, I was able to meet her husband and get some more amazing pictures over at Forsyth Park in Forsyth, IL.  The lighting was absolutely perfect, we could NOT have asked for better weather, and... well, the images captured will speak for themselves!  

Now that Christmas is over and I'm certain gifts have been exchanged... let's see some of my personal favorites!  I know you'll love them just as much as I do!

Amber Pond