I'm about to drop some truth bombs on y'all -- and I'm actually super nervous about it!  I don't like to rock the boat or make anyone upset, but as a wedding photographer, I have to say this one thing: "going unplugged" for your wedding ceremony is one of the best decisions you could make for your wedding day.

What is "going unplugged", you ask?  Very simply, it's when the bride & groom make the decision to ask their guests to refrain from taking photographs with their mobile devices during the ceremony in order to allow the hired professionals to capture their special moments.  So often guests without realizing jump in the way of the photographer, which to him or her may not be a huge deal because they were able to get the shot they were looking for -- however, for the photographer, it results in a moment lost not only for them but for their clients -- the bride and groom!  

As many of you reading this likely already know, weddings are expensive.  In most cases, if the word "wedding" is mentioned, the cost increases by a pretty good amount.  One place that I HIGHLY recommend that brides and grooms do not skimp on is the photographer, which I will actually talk a little more about in a blog I have coming out in a couple of weeks.  However, I digress.  Weddings = dollars.  LOTS of dollars.  So, as a photographer, it is absolutely CRUCIAL that I am able to access every angle, every location, every ANYTHING I need in order to get the shot(s) to document the day for the bride and groom... and I know any of my photog comrades would agree!

The other reason I encourage an "unplugged" ceremony? For YOUR benefit!  It's entirely possible that in order to attend a wedding, you or your partner has purchased a new outfit or new accessory to make yourself look AMAZING.  You've went and carefully shopped at one of the bridegroom's registered locations, such as Target, Crate & Barrel, and Kohls, and picked the perfect gift.  This may have been chosen because you want to get them the "fun" gifts, or because when you were married you did not get the new bedroom suite and you were SO bummed.  Sometimes you have a default gift -- you are the person who always purchases a setting or two for the fine china, or you have a love for all things bathroom and you cannot WAIT to see another one of your friends with their newly outfitted bathroom, courtesy of you.  Not to mention the travel!  Sometimes it's local, and sometimes you make a mini vacay out of it and travel 2-3 hours, stay at a hotel and just really enjoy yourself!  Needless to say, YOU have likely put forth time and money into your family or friends and you should make it a priority for YOU to enjoy their day as well!  Remember when I said weddings are expensive??  Keep that in mind whenever you receive an invitation in the mail to a wedding.  The bride & groom have painstakingly curated an invitee list of their closest family & friends that they think will get the most enjoyment out of their nuptials!  How exciting!!

So, if you're planning your big day, I highly recommend considering an "unplugged" ceremony.  There are many stores on Etsy where you can purchase a sign, or if you are local to the central IL area, I recommend looking at Jones & Co or East in a Day.  

Amber Pond