That title sounds so ominous, right?  My week alone.  Well, truthfully, it was about the only title I could think of that truly fit (at the time) how I was feeling.  You see, I truly did spend a week alone -- my husband and son took a trip to South Dakota to visit my in-laws.  I was unable to go, so they took off without me.  It was a really hard pill for me to swallow, and while I was absolutely dreading it in the days before they left, it actually turned out to be a really great experience for me.

Without going through each day one by one, I will just give a brief overview of my week!

  • Dinner with an old friend
  • Dinner with friends from church
  • Started walking in the AM and PM (with the pup!)
  • Got a new "toy" for my photography gear stash!
  • A sleepover with one of my best friends
  • Shopping, shopping, shopping
  • Pure Romance party with friends
  • Lots and lots of Netflix

I'm sure there's more, but those are the highlights!  I actually had a fantastic week considering I was dreading it entirely.  I got to enjoy some long overdue "me" time, I feel a smidgen more rested, and I don't feel as overwhelmed and stressed out.  However, that said, I am SO glad they are back home, safe and sound, and back in my arms!

And, of course, some pictures (courtesy of iPhone) from my week!  :)

Amber Pond