COFFEE TALK TUESDAY | What's in my camera bag?

If I have ever done a session for you, or you have seen me lurking around at a wedding or event (that sounds really creepy... oops!), you've probably seen me with a bag.  As of late, my bag is a black backpack.  It's quite handy and rugged looking, and I love it.  I have been asked many times though, "do you really need that big of a bag?  What is IN your camera bag?" So, today, we dive right in and bare it all for you to see what is in my bag!  (And please excuse the disorganization!)

At first glance, you probably just see a bunch of equipment that looks expensive and you're nervous to even look at it, let alone touch it... oh wait, that's me.  LOL!  Kidding.  But seriously, my bag is FULL of all of my top goodies so I can feel prepared for practically ever scenario thrown my way.

Camera Body
Of course!  I am currently using a Canon 6D, which I love.

16-35mm Lens
This lens is one of my favorites to use where I want to get a super expansive look on my subject.  For example, if I am shooting a wedding at a church and the sanctuary has a balcony, you can guarantee I will be up in there getting that wide view -- see what I mean!

135mm Lens
This is my one and only zoom lens -- which means I can get those close up shots during intimate moments without being right in everyone's way.  I typically pull this lens out, also at weddings, when I am looking to get the reaction of the groom as the bride comes down the aisle.  It's never ceases to amaze me what I capture, and the couple doesn't even realize it until they get their gallery!

50mm Lens
Truth be told, I don't pull this one out nearly as often as I used to.  But, this is a great prime lens for me to use for any scenario -- it's just a little more zoomed in that the human eye can see, if that makes sense!

35mm Lens
This lens... it's my workhorse.  It's my baby, my go to, my pride and joy.  Not only is the quality of my images always SPOT ON, but it's the perfect distance for literally everything I need.  

Lens Hoods
I have two of these -- one for my 135 and one for my 16-35.  These basically help alleviate extra light getting into my shots.  I tend to use them on super sunny days when I'm outdoors to help with sun flares!

I don't use flash a lot, but it's inevitable that sometimes I have to use it -- so I try to always have my flash with me.  I also try to carry at least one extra set of batteries.. you know, just in case.  :)  I also have my Gary Fong, which is a light diffuser.  It's incredible!

Memory Card Carrying Case
I carry about 5 memory cards with me at all times.  I only have one slot for memory cards right now with my current camera body, but my hope is to by next year be able to have a Canon Mark IV, which would help with that situation!

Battery Charger

Extra Battery

Basically, a LOT of stuff!  I also have a back pocket that's intended for a laptop; however, I usually only carry my personal essential items in there.  :)

I hope you've enjoyed the tour of my camera bag!!  It's not only been fun, but it was an excuse to clean out my bag... HA!

Amber Pond