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So, when I scheduled this blog post out nearly a month ago, I fully intended on doing all kinds of research and finding all my old hair styles.  Needless to say, life happens, and I didn't get to go through nearly as thorough as I wanted.  However, the point of the "Real Talk" blog on Thursdays is for my readers to learn a little more about ME, so here we GO!

One thing that I have always been fascinated with is hair.  I can say with confidence at some points during my adolescence I considered getting my license so I could do hair if I wanted to.  I enjoyed coloring my hair with boxed colors (hair friends, don't throw your shears at me!  Bear with me!) and I have been known to do really basic haircuts on my sisters and my mom.  Since I never made the jump to go into hairstyling professionally, I instead have lived the last 8-9 years vicariously through my friends who are hairstylists and let them use me at their canvas... with some direction from me, of course.

Being that I still work a full-time job in "corporate America", if you will, I still have to be relatively muted with the colors and cuts I go for.  In the past, however, I have been seen with:

Purple Hair (this was an accident!)
Black Hair (this was the fix for the above!)
Red Hair (again, accident... boxed color is not your friend!)
Blonde Hair (a highlight gone wrong... are you seeing a pattern here?)
Brown with Blonde highlights (boxed color finally working out!)
Brown with Blonde & Red highlights (I let the professionals do this)

Finally about a year ago (maybe even longer), I decided to finally do something I've always wanted to do... COLOR... Yes, color.  Bright colors.  I am a loud person with a huge personality, and I want to be able to express that in a manner that people will not only hear but SEE.  So, I started small by coloring a small portion of the underside of my hair purple.  I thought I was the COOLEST.  I soon got even braver and did a small bit of hair on the top in colored streaks -- I have done teal, green, dark blue (noir), pink, burgundy, purple... Oh yes.  More recently, I have stuck with the blue and teal.  It seems to suit me best AND I've found that it lasts!  I still go back about every 7-8 weeks to get touched up, but it always continues to look great between appointments!  

One thing I will say -- even though I am not a hair blogger -- is I use shampoo without sulfates and other ickys that are bad for your hair.  My shampoo also uses essential oils to help not only smell good BUT stimulate your hair follicles.  Lastly, I usually wash my hair in cooler water.  No no, I don't freeze, but I don't use hot water on it so I can help it to last.  

I spend a lot of money on my hair and it's probably the one thing I will say that I actually take care of it the way it needs to be taken care of.  But, I love my crazy colors and I cannot wait until I can go wild one of these days and get a full head of blue or teal or who knows!!!  

Do you color your hair?  Share with me what you do!!

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