COFFEE TALK TUESDAY | Dieting and cake

Am I the only person in the world who struggles with the whole "eat healthy and take care of yourself" concept?  I highly doubt it.

Back in 2014, my husband and I worked our tails off and lost around 100 lbs between the two of us and we looked AWESOME!  We did Shakeology and various Beachbody programs because they were great and we really enjoyed the trainers in the videos.  Not to mention the community of people that we had doing these things with us at the same time was unreal.  I would say we lasted about a year and a half on the healthy/exercise/clean eating kick.  I don't know why we fell off the wagon, but I think it's safe to say that life happened and here we are.

We have tried many times since then to get back on track but being completely honest, I waiver back and forth.  I want to be healthy -- really, I do.  My only excuse to not be healthy is because I would rather lay around and nap than work out for 30 minutes.  30 MINUTES.  Why is that so hard???  Because It's 30 minutes, then cool off time, then I have to shower so I'm not gross.  So really I have built it up in my head that the whole "process" requires so much time it's not worth it.  Plus, having ME get up early is a joke.  LOL.  :) But seriously.

As of late, I've taken a slightly different approach to the whole being healthy movement.  I am doing it my way.  I am making better choices, but I'm not going to deprive myself from the things I love... like cake.  I LOVE CAKE.  SO much.  Like the kid in Matilda loves cake.  Add some ice cream too and I am set.

I've been using this app called Lose It, and it's been incredibly helpful.  I used to be a My Fitness Pal user, but I find that Lose It is a little more user friendly and also a little more informative in regards to nutrition.  But basically right now I just eat within my calorie window.  I don't weigh myself weekly.  I don't measure for inches lost.  Actually as of right now, I'm not even exercising.  Maybe eventually I'll add it back in but for now... I really am going to have my cake and eat it too.  :)

Do you struggle with the whole being healthy thing?  I would love to hear how you handle it in your house!  I would love tips, recipes, etc!  Share share share!


Amber Pond