COFFEE TALK TUESDAY | Thoughtfulness from my Clients

As a photographer, I get the total pleasure of working with many different people from all walks of life -- and my love for them is equal across the board.  To date, I have been lucky enough to be blessed with the BEST clients around, and it simply reminds me how blessed I am in this business!

My clients bless me in so many ways -- by sharing my images on social media, by hanging their wall art in their homes, by their kind words... and so much more.  Since their wedding blog is going up tomorrow, I thought it aptly timed to post about a thoughtful gift that I received from Emily & Michael on their wedding day back in June.

Let me start by saying I have never cried so much at a wedding that wasn't my own.  Emily & Michael left a special place in my heart back a year or so ago when I met them for the first time to add them to the ANP Bridal family -- so that may or may not have added to the excess of tears.  :) First, Emily gave me as a gift a charm bracelet -- similar to the ones she also gave her bridesmaids -- and each charm had significance to the person to which it was given.  It was beautiful, and I wear it a LOT.  

Then, later in the evening right before my husband and I went to eat and take our break, the bridge & groom called us to see them separately.  They said so many really amazing things to us that I was immediately in tears as soon as they started talking.  They knew that our anniversary (10 years woo!) was the day before their big day and wanted to give us a gift -- and as you'll see in their post tomorrow, they are renovating a home and in doing so, they made us a sign for OUR home out of some subfloors taken up from their home.  It reads "Ponds - Est 6.23.07".  I seriously lost my ish, if you get my drift.

To say we were appreciative of such a gesture does not do our thoughts justice.  This, along with many other kind words from the couple and their family, I was reminded that not only do I love my clients, but I love my job and that I am in the right place.  Documenting the lives of people is my passion, and knowing I have impacted someone's life?  I can't put a price tag on that.

I cannot WAIT for you all to see Emily & Michael's blog tomorrow!  Their big day was quite the fairytale.

Amber Pond