Around this time 10 years ago, my then fiancé and I were celebrating our upcoming wedding with our friends.  We were enjoying our respective bachelor/bachelorette party's and just loving life.  We were young -- 21 and 22 -- still in college and excited to go on our honeymoon to San Diego where we were completely planning on spending our wedding money we would get a few days later.  

Again, we were young... and had no idea or concept of life outside of college... mostly.

Now, 10 years later, we celebrate our anniversary.  Something that many people in our circles weren't sure would last.  Something that really seems impossible that it is already here, because we should still be kids.  Something that when I tell people how long its been, I usually get a response to the effect of "really, 10 years?  wow"  (I take this as a compliment that I don't look like I should be a new member of the 10 years of marriage club.

In that 10 years together, we have:
-Lived in 4 different locations -- Carbondale, my mom's house, Champaign & our current home in Decatur
-Had two beta fish (Elmo & Spike... neither lived a long time)
-Became parents to three fur babies (Martini, Oliver & Wrigley)
-Became parents to a CRAZY child (who we love dearly)
-Graduated from college
-Lost several family members and even some old friends
-Taken many trips, including venturing to San Diego, Dallas, Las Vegas, and St. Petersburg
-and so much more...

I thank God every day that He placed this man in my life.  Not only to balance me out in my crazy, but to father my son, to prove to me I'm wrong sometimes, to not take my crap but still find many, many ways to spoil me.  I don't know where I would be today without this man, and even though he frustrates the DAYLIGHTS out of me... he is my lobster.  (Five points to everyone who gets that reference!)

I love you, Craig.  Thank you for dealing with my crazy for so many years... and I apologize in advance for all the crazy to come.  :) 

Amber Pond