MARIA & RAY | Champaign, IL Engagements

I was so excited to hang out on the University of Illinois - Champaign campus with Maria & Ray for their engagement session!  One of my favorite things is when my couples incorporate little pieces of them into their location choice - and being that they met on campus, they had some really great spots!

One of my favorites from their session was actually our first spot, which was near a line of trees at near the Geis College of Business, where Maria said she had climbed one of the trees on their first date.  They both laughed and gave each other such a sweet look.  :)  Ray knew exactly which tree it was too!  We headed over to the apartment complex where they first met, and then ended more on the main campus area.  It was chilly and dreary, but we missed the rain which was awesome!!

I am way excited to hang out with them on their big day next July, but for now... enjoy some of my favorites from their session!

Amber Pond