The Harris' | Decatur IL Families

If you've been following me for any length of time, you've probably read the words "this family has been with me since the beginning of this journey!", or something like that.  The Harris Family is NO exception -- they have been with me for a long time!

For some quick background, I went to high school with Tiffany and we have stayed connected throughout the years.  It has been fun for me to see her family grow into the beautiful kiddos you'll see shortly here.  They are so much fun, so respectful and so full of life it's contagious!  We had a lot of fun over at Allerton Park & Retreat Center in Monticello, IL even though it was super chilly!  The girls couldn't wait between shots to grab their coats and get a chance at some warmth!  They were such good champs!

Now, time for the fun part... my favorites!  I hope you all enjoy seeing my favorites as much as I LOVE sharing them!

Amber Pond