Holy cow... I have a 5 year old.


It was 5 years and 1 day ago.  I was laying in a hospital bed, barely having been up and moving since my c-section.  I had a sweet, precious baby boy in my arms.  I was so scared - I was so lost.  But I knew I loved him more than the world and we would be okay, somehow.  I would figure it all out.

And fast forward back to present day.  Yesterday was his birthday - yes, he turned 5.  I am finding myself struggling to even say that I -- Amber Nicole -- have a 5 year old.  The years have truly flown by, as cliche as it sounds.  Heck, October this year has been nuts!  I swear that the week of Columbus Day just totally blew by, because I thought I had a week left before I would be needing to prepare for not only his actual birthday (which my husband and I celebrate with him every year, just the three of us), but his birthday party which is this coming weekend.  I'm thinking cookies will be all we end up with, because my skills has a mom-party-planner are seriously lacking.  :)

But you're not here to read my woe-is-me about being a busy mom... this is about my baby boy!  He gets so angry when I call him by baby boy, but what he doesn't understand is he will ALWAYS be my baby boy -- no matter how old he gets.  Silly kid!

"R" is going to do big things as he grows up.  He is such a smart, hard working little boy.  He has cognitive abilities way above where most kids his age are.  He loves painting, drawing, singing and taking photographs.  He loves books - LOVES books.  Space and animals are incredibly fascinating to him.  His all time favorite game to play right now his Guess Who, which truthfully he is better at than I am!  He loves school, especially his teacher "Mrs. F" who he says has taught him to be a good person (his words!).  He loves his church, his friends at church, and the fact that he gets to learn about God.  His favorite songs are "Hallelujah" by Casting Crowns and "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk The Moon.

He is the light of my world, and I just cannot believe he is 5.  It's been such a blessing to watch him grow, and I can't wait to keep watching what he does!  Happy birthday, my sweet boy.  I love you SO much.

Amber Pond